Test Connection Fails

  1. Ensure you have
    1. no spaces in the IP Address and that you have
    2. something entered in the other fields: username, password, FCM and
    3. your username matches the username you entered into PAM / Utilities / PocketPAM2 Utilities 

  2. Check to see if the Listener is running. It is highly unlikely that the listener is not running .. but in case, here's how: 
    1. Click on the Start Button (Bottom right corner of the Windows screen)
    2. On the Start Menu, right click on the "Computer" or "My Computer" button, choose "Manage"
    3. On the Manage Computer screen, click on the "Service and Applications" (found at the bottom of the listing down the left hand side of the window)
    4. Now click on the Services option... this will display a long list of services on the right hand side of the screen. The list is sorted alphabetically ... locate "PocketPAM Listener" ... Check that is is running. You should see the words "Started" and "Automatic" alongside PocketPAM Listener.
    5. If the PocketPAM Listener is not running, try starting it. This can be done by right clicking on the PocketPAM Listener listing, then choose "Start"

  3. If the sync settings are OK and the "Listener" is running, and you still have problems testing connection, check that the Windows Firewall is not blocking access: (the Port to enable is 50555). the instructions for opening ports in the firewall can be found here
    Windows 7 | Windows Vista | Windows XP

  4. If you have got this far and the Test Connection is still failing, try changing the "Sync Method" to something other than "PocketPAM Listener". tap on the Test Connection button, then switch back to "PocketPAM Listener" again and try connecting again. This has fixed a few people's issues in the past.

  5. If you have got this far and the Test Connection is still failing, try disabling your anti-virus software.

  6. If you are running PAM on a Mac in Windows running under "Parallels" - check that you have configured the Network settings in Parallels appropriately. (In my case I have chosen on the Parallels Desktop menu ... Devices > Network1 > Bridged Network > WiFi) 

  7. If you have your firewall sorted out and you are still not able to connect and you get an error message like this: "SQL Network Interfaces, error: 28 - Server doesn't support requested protocol" - then one of the settings that the installer had tried to set failed. You will need to call Fairport for this one.