Syncing your PAM and PocketPAM2 data using the Fairport Data Exchange (FDE)

The Fairprot Data Exchange has been set up to cater for needs of those of you who

  1. Can connect to the Internet from your mobile devices; but
  2. Don't have a "Static IP" address; and
  3. Don't have a WiFi modem/Router in your home/farm office

You will need to apply to use the FDE. This will add a small additional charge onto your annual Fairport Club membership.

The set up steps are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the device (iPad, iPhone, Android .. etc) has a connection to the internet.
  2. Select the "Fairport Data Exchange" as your sync. method (on the PocketPAM2 Sync Settings screen)
  3. Enter the additional connection settings (User Name, Password, FCM No) into the mobile device's sync settings screen (See the PocketPAM2 Manual for instructions)
  4. Tap "Test Connection" ... If all is in order you will see a "Success" message. If not, ensure you have all your connection settings entered correctly on the mobile device

To get started you would need to send data from PAM to the FDE. Once the data has been sent from PAM, your mobile devices can fetch the data from the FDE.

When you are ready to send data back to PAM, you simple tap either the "ToPAM" or "Send all data to PAM" button in PocketPAM2 and your newly added records are sent to the FDE. 
Within PAM, you can configure PAM to automatically receive new PocketPAM2 data and send fresh PAM data to the FDE at regular intervals (e.g. Once per day, every 2 hours .. whatever)
PAM will always do a "round trip" to the FDE. That is, it will always first check if there is new PocketPAM2 data waiting for it from a mobile device and retrieve that. Then, after that data has been saved to the PAM database, it prepares and sends fresh data to the FDE ready for the PocketPAM2 devices. 
This means that there will always be a fresh set of data on the FDE ready for any of your mobile devices to fetch.


Fetching data from PAM to PocketPAM2 from the home screen of the module (e.g. Crop Diary) tap the "fromPAM" button, or tap on the "fromPAM" button on the PocketPAM2 main screen to fetch data for all selected modules.

Using the Fairport Data Exchange

Sending data to PAM from PocketPAM2: either tap the "toPAM" button from the home screen of the module (e.g. Crop Diary) or tap the "Send All Data to PAM" button on the Sync Settings screen to send data to PAM from all PocketPAM2 modules.