Syncing your PAM and PocketPAM2 data using an Internet connection and a "Static IP Address"

An internet connection means, you are connecting your device to the internet using either 3G, 4G or a WiFi network.

In order to synchronies your PAM and PocketPAM2 data via the internet, you must have a "Static IP Address" ... this is an "Internet Address" - unique in the world, that looks something similar to this: 123.456.789.101

Static IP Addresses are typically obtained and incur an annual fee, from your internet service provider. Some IT know-how is needed to set up the internet modem router system to work in conjunction with the PocketPAM2 Listener. Fairport can assist you with this process but please be aware that this service is not covered by your Fairport Club Membership and a fee will be charged.

Each router has it's own special settings screen for "port forwarding".
If you want to try to do this yourself, refer to this web site
On that site, look for "Find Port Forwarding Guides For Your Router Here". The port you need to forward is 50555. (Use 50555 for each of the port options when doing these settings)

  1. Ensure that the device (iPad, iPhone, Android .. etc) has a connection to the internet.
  2. Select the "PocketPAM2 Listener" as your sync. method (on the PocketPAM2 Sync Settings screen)
  3. Enter the "Static IP Address" (which is a number with a format similar to this: 123.456.789.101) into the PocketPAM2 Sync Settings screen 
  4. Enter the additional connection settings (Domain Name, User Name, Password, FCM No) into the mobile device's sync settings screen (See the PocketPAM2 Manual for instructions)
  5. Tap "Test Connection" ... If all is in order you will see a "Success" message. If not, ensure you have all your connection settings entered correctly on the mobile device

If you are operating PocketPAM2 with a PAM Enterprise or PAM Mid-Tier Enterprise system, you can use a WiFi connection at a remote site to transfer the data. Under these circumstances, you would need to obtain the appropriate IP Address (which will be a Static IP Address) from your PAM Administrator. See Also: Synchronizing Data using a 3G or 4G Internet connection.

Fetching data from PAM to PocketPAM2 from the home screen of the module (e.g. Crop Diary) tap the "fromPAM" button, or tap on the "fromPAM" button on the PocketPAM2 main screen to fetch data for all selected modules.


PocketPAM2 - synching via a Static IP Address

Sending data to PAM from PocketPAM2: either tap the "toPAM" button from the home screen of the module (e.g. Crop Diary) or tap the "Send All Data to PAM" button on the Sync Settings screen to send data to PAM from all PocketPAM2 modules.