PocketPAM2 - Data synchronization methods


Syncing your PAM and PocketPAM2 data using your local home or farm office WiFi Network system

If you have your mobile device connecting to your home or office network using "WiFi", then you have all that is needed to synchronise your PAM data.

For example, let's say your WiFi network is called "Kambah Farm" .. so the steps here would be:

  1. Ensure that the device (iPad, iPhone, Android .. etc) has a connection to the "Kambah Farm" WiFi network
  2. Determine the "IP Address" of the computer that has PAM running on it. Please Note: The PocketPAM Listener also must be installed on this computer as well. (Click here to see how...)
  3. Enter the appropriate connection settings into the mobile device's sync settings screen (See the PocketPAM2 Manual for instructions)
  4. Tap "Test Connection" ... If all is in order you will see a "Success" message. If not, ensure you have all your connection settings entered correctly on the mobile device

If you are operating PocketPAM2 with a PAM Enterprise or PAM Mid-Tier Enterprise system, you can use a WiFi connection at a remote site to transfer the data. Under these circumstances, you would need to obtain the appropriate IP Address from your PAM Administrator. See Also: Synchronising Data using a 3G or 4G Internet connection

To send data to PAM from PocketPAM2, either tap the "toPAM" button from the home screen of the module (e.g. Crop Diary) or tap the "Send All Data toPAM" button on the Sync Settings screen to send data from all PocketPAM2 modules. 

Fetching data from PAM to PocketPAM2 from the home screen of the module (e.g. Crop Diary) tap the "fromPAM" button, or tap on the "fromPAM" button on the PocketPAM2 main screen to fetch data for all selected modules.

By the way, PAM does not need to be running to sync data.