Installation - 6 easy steps 



All devices


Before the 6 easy steps ... What you need before you start


1. PAM 8 (Fairport Club Membership required) or PAM Enterprise installed

2. The PocketPAM2 "Listener" installed on your PAM computer (available from the Downloads page on this web site - Fairport Club Membership required)
[Please Note: Be sure to install the dotNetFX40_Full_Setup as well which you will find right next to the Listener download link]

3. PocketPAM2 installed onto your device via the various methods (App Store, Google Play, Fairport web site)

4. Determine your data sync method [for more info, see the PocketPAM2 synchronization options listed below & or the PocketPAM2 manual]

a. WiFi Network system

b. Via the Internet to a “Static IP Address”

c. Via the Internet using the “Fairport Data Exchange”

.. but, don't expect the PocketPAM2 device to synchronize with the listener yet! ... Please now start the 6 steps below


Have you completed the steps above? ... Then: 6 Easy Steps


1. PAM/PocketPAM2 Utilities: Go to the PAM Utilities menu / Pocket PAM Utilities

a. set up your PocketPAM2 users

b. then, unlocked by Fairport (please note, this step costs money!)

2. PocketPAM2 Settings: On your device, on the Settings screen in PocketPAM2

a. Enter the IP Address of the PAM computer (need help? check here or in the user manual)

b. Enter a Domain Name (if in doubt, enter “NA”)

c. Enter the user name – exactly the same as in the PAM Utilities

d. Enter a password (this is important if you’re using PAM Enterprise, otherwise, enter any password)

e. Enter your Fairport Club Membership number

3. Test Connection: Tap the Test Connection button to make sure you’re all OK

4. Refresh from PAM: Tap the Refresh from PAM button - it inserts your Trading Name into the “Business” option on the settings screen.

5. Modules: If you haven’t already done so, go to the Modules selection screen and choose your PocketPAM2 modules.

6. Download Data: On the home screens of the modules are buttons “FromPAM” and “ToPAM” – use the “FromPAM” button to get your data !