PAM-PrecisionLink - for data entry and data transfer from your tractor cab

PAM-PrecisionView - to view jobs in real time on your computer and to review past jobs. 

PAM-PrecisionLink is designed to be embedded on your tractor's field computer (e.g. your FarmscanAg, AgGuide console). Having the full data entry functionality of PAM's crop diary and inventory of consumables in your cab.

Switch between the on board device software that you have running for rate controllers, viewing coverage, autosteer etc. (e.g. the Spray Controller screen or the Seeder/Planter Controller screen) and PAM-PrecisionLink. Typically you would only need to switch to the PAM-PrecisionLink software at times when you are stationary - filling a tank or planter, or at the start and end of a job. 

Fetch planned events from PAM to PAM-PrecisionLink on your on board devices by 3G or WiFi or transfer them by USB. 

Machinery operators can then, in PAM-PrecisionLink:

  • view their planned jobs for the days ahead,
  • view the total amounts of inputs (e.g. Seed, Fertilizer, Chemicals) required for jobs ... even the amounts per tank full or part tank full when doing spray jobs
  • enter any changes they may need to make to the plan
  • add weather conditions, start and stop times before
  • converting the job to an actual record then
  • send the record back to PAM

PAM-PrecisionLink takes advantage of the data transfer and communications systems developed for PocketPAM2. To gain a complete understanding of those concepts, please visit the PocketPAM2 web page. PAM-PrecisionLink program registration also uses the same system as PocketPAM2 - each device will require an unlock number to enable data transfer to and from PAM. 

Transfer data to PAM-PrecisionView

In addition to the data entry capability, at user definable intervals (for example, each minute, every five minutes) PAM-PrecisionLink will send back messages via 3G to your PAM computer or server. The messages will include the location of the tractor and what it has been applying since the last message (i.e. how many hectares covered, how much seed and fertilizer applied). 


And ... You will be able to watch on your office computer screen as the tractor(s) move around the paddocks using PAM-PrecisionView.  

If you aren't set up with 3G or WiFi from your tractor, there is an option to move the data back to your PAM computer with a USB drive. 

Past jobs can be reviewed using the job filter: Business/Farm/Field/Operation/Date Range. 

Available from the outset in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. More features (and languages) will be added as required in the months ahead. PAM-PrecisionLink and PAM-PrecisionView will be ready for the 2013 planting seasons in both northern and southern hemispheres.