PAM - IAR - Individual Animal RecordsIAR provides a vehicle for recording Livestock activities of an Individual Animal, and the traits and development of those animals.
The PAM Individual Animal Recording production recording is integrated into the existing Livestock recording system. All Individual Animal activities remain consistent with the existing Livestock Activities Add Wizard recording system.

Some of the Features of IAR include:

» Mobs can be nominated as having Individually Identified Animals (or not)… You can have a mob of mixed … Identified and Unidentified.

» Importing of Electronic ID tag identification files, or in a custom comma delimited text file format.

» When setting up mobs of identified animals, you can select a set of traits from your trait list, enter default values for them and apply those traits and values to all animals.

» Recording of Single Animal Treatments, Movements, Animal Traits, Weights and BreedPlan records.

» Trait information for a given animal can be highly customised and multiple Traits can be grouped into Tasks for easier data entry.

» You can design your own unlimited list of traits. Trait types include: Text, Number, Date, Yes/No etc… You can even set up your own Pick List system.

» Formula's for calculating custom user information using Trait items can also be used.

» Monitoring of matings (Natural, AI, IVF, ET) and pregnancy tests for Dams and Sires.

» Progeny for an animal can be traced, displayed and printed.

» Bloodline Family Tree.

» On screen reporting enables you to quickly find an individual and see its movements, treatments, progeny etc.

» Finding an individual when needed is fast … a special filter system enables you to close in the animal quickly. The filter system also remembers its settings for next time to save time


Screen Shots

 Individual Animals - PAM - Main Screen


IAR - PAM - Show Animals


IAR- Bllodline map